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crop production services reducing stock losses for farmers

Smart Aeration Solutions for all Grains,
Nuts and Seeds

What Harveston's Solutions Deliver

reduce stock losses

Lower Post-Harvest Losses

reduce toxins in grain storage

Mould & Toxin Control

drying almonds & grain storage

Gentle product drying

vermin & pest control in grain silos

Vermin & Pest Control

almond storage

Consistent product moisture

reducing stock losses for almond farmers with ambient aeration

Reduced Labour Costs

crop production services reducing stock losses for almond farmers

What are Harveston's Aeration Solutions?

Our experience, backed by many years of focused industry research, tells us that passing the right amount of ambient air, of the right quality, will gently dry any grain, nut, or seed. We design all our aerated storage solutions using that knowledge.


The resulting solutions consist of the correct number of highly efficient fans coupled to a distribution system specific to the amount and type of product being stored and a controller that senses both the ambient air conditions and the conditions within the product stack.


Our smart controller then delivers the right amount of air at the right time to reduce the moisture levels of the stored product to a preset target, and keep it there.


Once the drying target is reached the controller then chooses the correct amount and type of air to ensure that the product stays consistently at the target moisture. It then sets about ensuring the temperature of the stored product is as low as possible. 

In the case where the product is already too dry, our contoller will choose the right air to gently raise the product moisture levels. 

With product at the correct moisture and with its temperature as low as possible all biological activity within the stored product is significantly slowed. Research has shown that mould growth does not progress, toxins are not produced and insect lifecycles either cease or are significantly curtailed.

Our solutions can be fitted to silos, rings, sheds, stockpiles or bunkers and can be retrofitted to almost any existing aerated storage. 

crop production services

Why Harveston?

  • We exist to ensure that agricultural producers can manage the quality of their products post-harvest

  • Our solutions are based on industry-sponsored research, which proves they work

  • We use many sources of research data across many types of stored product 

  • We are experienced engineers and manufacturers of aeration and storage solutions

  • Each element of our solutions has been independently proven to work

  • Each solution is a complete turnkey package, ready for immediate use

  • We design for the customer's needs, specific to their product and situation

  • Our solutions will significantly improve a producer's ability to mange their product post-harvest

Effective minimisation of stock losses for Almond Producers:

Our smart aeration controller when coupled with a storage ring has been demonstrated to effectively dry wet almond fruit and store the dried product until processing.

Save LABOUR and INSURE against future climate variability with Harveston’s innovative aerated ring storage solution.

Almonds no longer need to dry on the ground, they can be moved to storage straight after harvest with advanced aeration technology delivering MOISTURE AND TEMPERATURE CONTROL, finally putting almond growers in control of drying their fruit and maintaining quality control throughout storage.

almond farming & reduce production losses
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